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Bungmati Khokana Day Tour

01 Day
US$ 40
Pre-Trip Briefing

Bungmati & Khokana remain their identity as traditional Newari village . One can enjoy traditional houses and a culture reminiscent of medieval time. We can explore some of the old temples like Rato Machhindranath & some other master wood carving with their daily activities. The women here are mostly a household worker keeping themselves busy by knitting, sewing & hand sewing.

Trip Availablity Date: - Bungmati Khokana Day Tour ( 01 Day )

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Itinerary - Bungmati Khokana Day Tour

Day 1

Full Day Excursion - Bungmati - Khokana

After your breakfast, our tour guides receives you from the hotel. Our driving distance from Kathmandu to Bungmati,13 km. it’s a little newari town situated on south of Kathmandu valley filled with old historical monuments dated back to 100 years.

On this full-day excursion you’ll admire the traditional architecture and rich culture that are reminiscent of the medieval era. You’ll see women, men, and children sitting in the streets or in common courtyards, weaving, chatting, playing, and working under the sun. As you walk along the streets, you’ll find dozens of masterful wood carvers and sculptors offering you handcrafted items at bargain prices. Most of them work from home and they may even offer you other articles for sale as well.

Bungamati and Khokana date back to the 16th century or earlier, and both villages boast some very impressive monuments and ancient temples. Bungamati is the birthplace of Rato Machhendranath, the patron of the valley, and the large shikhara-style temple in the village square is his home for half of the year. He spends the rest of his time in Patan. The process of moving him around Patan and to Bungamati and back is central to one of the valley’s most important annual festivals.

After our pleasant day we drive you back to your hotel in Kathmandu.


Cost Includes -Bungmati Khokana Day Tour

01. Transportation is done on a private car.

02. An English speaking tour guide for the tour.

03. Lunch at Bungmati


Cost Excludes -Bungmati Khokana Day Tour

01. Tipping to the crew is mandatory.

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