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Himalayan Ethnic Food Fest and Nepalese Chef Award gets successfully conducted

Himalayan Ethnic Food Fest and Nepalese Chef Award gets successfully organized by Global Nepalese Chef Federation with the event management of Glory Media. The ceremony was organized from 10th July-13th July.

During the ceremony, Homestay tour was conducted in in 10th and 11th of July and in 12th July there was hotel and restaurant tour and analysis. Likewise, On 13th July Food Fest and Culinary award ceremony was conducted at Anupam Banquet. Former Dean of Sikkim University Professor Dr. Jyoti Prakash Tamang also gave his presentation on Himalayan Foods.

Awards were presented to 10 chefs on different category and the award on Life time achievement was given to Nirhari Adhikari. Similarly, Gobinda Narsingh KC received Living legend award and Yuvaraj Praja received Indigenous category award. Likewise, Khim Baral received Best Artist award and Bhawi Khanal received Young Executive award.

Also, Bikram Bhiks received Chef Story category award, Surya Kiran Shrestha and Arjun Thapa received Writer Chef category award and Kumar Chalise received cosmopolitan category award and Urmi Titung received Young lady chef category award.

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